Royal Caribbean Oasis, the Best Caribbean Cruise


Royal Caribbean Oasis is the best Caribbean cruise and offers an amazing time for you to enjoy with your family and friends whether you are on board or on shore excursion. It has all the qualities a best Caribbean cruise must have, day and night many events go on everywhere on the cruise. Day activities include Scuba diving under the Sea Trek program, flow rider and indoor rock climbing. The cruise also offers family shows and trivia contests so that you never feel bad on the cruise. Another important feature of oasis is that it has many restaurants in it and you can enjoy international food from Chinese to Italian.

Oasis has everything in it as any best Caribbean cruise should have. It includes Central Park, Boardwalk and Royal Promenade.

Central Park

Central park is located on deck 8 and is surrounded by shrubs, trees flowers and tropical foliage. There are staterooms that surround the area with some rooms having balconies overlooking the charming garden and pathways. The neighborhood of central park includes several themed gardens and retail boutiques. So you get everything in Oasis that you wish to have on a best Caribbean cruise.


Perhaps you will find the most interesting place to be boardwalk for families. You and old would like it a lot as it has colorful carousel areas, several eateries, retail shops and many other carnival games that never let anyone to get bored. Aqua theatre provides the families a thrilling zip line ride, an outdoor venue containing a backdrop of the sea across the horizon. You get a whole market here, a psychic shop, a candy shop, some boutiques and general stores. The neighborhood also includes staterooms. It is also one of the best parts a best Caribbean cruise and you get it on Oasis.

The Royal Promenade

Directly below the central park is the Royal Promenade. The crystal canopies of royal promenade let the guests enjoy the natural light cascading from central park and the sky beyond. If the children enjoy boardwalk adults would surely like the rising tide of royal promenade so Oasis has spots for every age persons whether they are young, middle aged or the older ones. Oasis is a beautiful place and you can feel the beauty while coming down from central park to the Royal Promenade as you will see the glasses of cocktails. The area also has a giant copper globe that is highlighted and increases the beauty of the place. It also has a dance club and a bar.

Therefore, if you are planning to choose the best Caribbean cruise you must chose Royal Caribbean Oasis. It has everything within it to satisfy you and to make your holidays the best. You can easily get a ticket to this cruise in cheap prices if you get them in advance. You may check the tickets with a travel agent of search online for discounted prices. It has been noted that you can get cheap prices if you order tickets from a travel agent. A travel agent will also arrange a car rental for your way from your home to the cruise.

Moreover, if you want to join this cruise from between you can also do it. You can get to any nearby places mentioned in these places and get a ticket from within the cruise. Just visit this places and get an adventure of a lifetime.