Real Estate for Skiing Vacations


Real Estate for Ski Buffs

Skiing is arguably one of the best activity and sports for winter lovers. If you love snow, you must ski once in life, to explore and take full pleasure of the satisfaction and amusement it offers.

Areas To Invest in Real Estate Properties With Skiing Opportunities

Below is the list of the most wonderful and top skiing places on Earth. Many of these places still have real estate for sale, but, it is not for the less well healed group. These are pricey places because they are top ski destinations. If you want to buy property here you have better have deep pockets. But, the real estate investment opportunity coupled with a great ski vacation destination will likely hold its value over the years. So investing in this type of property makes sense for people qualified to invest. These places are a one of a kind and you must spend some time skiing on each of them whenever you get the chance to full explore the beauty of winters, mountains and snow. Moreover, these resorts are well-known places to spend a honeymoon night and that is why couples are encouraged to pay a visit to these sites rather than lone travelers.

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The list starts with:

St Anton, Austria

This party resort is the best places to ski if you are a professional as the mountain is stiff and rigged with deep tracks and cover an area of around 55 kilometers. It is not recommended to visit this place if you are new to skiing as this resort may get a little difficult to enjoy for starters.

Chamonix, France

This resort in France offers a freeride wave and can be easily managed by starters. It also offers authentic French food and host major events all around the year. It has also hosted one of the earliest Winter Olympics, in 1920’s.

Les Trois Vallées, France

This top-quality resort is in the region of Tarentaise Valley and an entry point to the Vanoise National Park, which is famous for its wild adventure and photography. Many skiing enthusiasts come to do this resort for fun and spending the best time of their life.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Whistler Blackcomb is a major ski resort located in the Alps of Vancouver, Canada and is very large. You can enjoy and explore places with the help of the staff and the resort itself is a perfect place for honeymooners and newlywed.

Méribel, France

It seems like France has the most skiing resorts. This is true to much extent. Meribel in France is one of the place that a ski lover must never miss if they get a chance to visit France. It would be a shame if you have never visited this amazing ski resort if you have been to France. The added point of this resort is it’s chairlift which lets you see the most amazing scenes beyond borders.