El Salvador is one of the smallest countries in Central America amounting to a total area of twenty-one thousand square kilometers. Honduras and Guatemala are its neighboring countries. The population of El Salvador has now reached six million people, and a third of them dwell in the capital city, Sal Salvador. The most popular places to visit include art galleries, lakes, volcanoes, surfing beaches, Mayan ruins, San Salvador and superb restaurants.

Historic Sites

In a place called Tazumal, there are Mayan ruins which have been preserved since ancient times to depict the cultures of the ancestors. At these particular places, there are life-sized statues, stone pyramids as well as ancient artifacts.

National Anthropology Museum

The Museo Nacional de Antropologia is arguably the top and best museum in El Salvador and is equipped with incredible exhibits that have been spread across double floors within the building. The county’s history has been well covered especially the ancient Mayan empire which still has archives of its existence up to date. There is a garden within the museum to walk through and see some of the ancient arts, religious sculptures, and musical instruments. It is worth to note that many of the writings were written in Spanish and therefore it is appropriate to bring a translator who will help in interpreting the information.

Volcanoes National Park

As it is also termed as the Cerro Verde National Park, the Parque Nacional Los Volcanoes host three major volcanoes from the western side of San Salvador. Visitors come to these volcanoes to do some hiking within a day. Other tourists will make sure that they carry maps to enable them to identify routes for a forested walk and overnight camps.

Metropolitan Cathedral

It stands at the center of downtown in San Salvador at an area termed as ‘center’ and faces the civic square. It is in between two historical structures that is the impressive National theater to its left and the National Palace to its right. The cathedral’s surroundings are worth to visit especially the tomb of Oscar Romeo who was an assassinated bishop in the early 1980s.

Surf Spots

Recreational and professional surfers from all over the world come to the El Salvador beaches to enjoy themselves with the sea waves. De Cameron has great swimming pools and resorts that visitors can enjoy with their families during holidays. El Salvador’s beaches surf is considered to be the best during the rainy season. Other beaches that are mostly attended by the visitors include El Tunco, El Zunzal, and El Zonte.