Best Places to Visit in Morocco


Morocco, a handsome North African country whose edges touch the coasts of both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is an amalgamation of Afro-Asiatic ethnicity and a fair amount of Arabian and European influences. One of the largest metropole of Africa, distinguished by its ancient culture and architecture, many a blend of foreign induces.

  1. Casablanca

The coastal capital of western Morocco and the commercial hub. The city’s art and culture are the heritage of the French colonies. Mosques and landmarks built where Berber grace and ancient Moresque techniques are detected. The great Hassan II Mosque which ranks as the thirteenth largest mosque in the world, a stunning specimen of Arabian medina partially built on sea and the only mosque in the city that non-Muslims are permitted to visit.


  1. Marrakesh

Established at the base of the Atlas Mountains, the majestic city of Marrakesh is a hustling bustling center of prodigious historic ambiance and environment. The best Moroccan fares are available in the souks of Marrakesh thick with animated people, pottery, traditional apparel and charming ornaments. The traditional shisha of Marrakesh is universally notorious, a traditional Arabian version of vape. Every alley is filled with shisha café though, mostly it is served after dinner in majority of restaurants. Basically, the city is a more hippie adaptation of medina.


  1. Chefchaouen

The azure city situated in the North Western Morocco. When called the “azure city”, the city was literally named after the gorgeously built buildings in all shades of blue you have seen or ever heard of. Apart from the cerulean architecture, the city is a Kasbah of modern and antique handicrafts such as traditionally woven carpets and blankets that are unavailable in the rest of the country. It is also known as the “cannabis city”, due to the explicitly sold plant in bazars. You may as well be prepared to encounter some very pleased hippies on streets.


  1. Asilah

A popular resort urban, Asilah was quite the celebrated pirate trade Caribbean of the early 20th century. The city is situated 20km form Tangier on the hot coast of Mediterranean, a perfect choice for a warm spring and fall or a sizzling summer. It is a growing prospect of art with new contemporary variety as well as old Phoenician remains. Asilah has an assortment of decent budget hotels and resorts with traditional water related activities, a seaside paradise.


  1. Fes

Fes is an extremely ancient city that functions with the traditional clockwork values. It used to be the former capital of Morocco and is home to the most primeval university of the world, University Al-Karaouine. Energetic ports and bazaars where the only mode of transport seen are donkeys and handcarts, it is probably the current largest car free medina on the globe. Fes is a compilation of adobe abodes and patios decorated with mosaic tiles.

  1. Jebel Toubkal

Located on the high and mighty Atlas Mountains is the Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak of the Atlas Ranges and Arab World. At the mouth of the peak is the Toubkal National Park surrounded with Berber villages, a most epic sight. It is probably one of the few places in Morocco where snow is sighted which is why it is quite hard to acclimate to the sudden climatic change.