3 Reasons to visit Bhutan


Bhutan is not an ordinary place. You may have not even heard of this small Asian country, but Bhutan is surely a must visit place for many reasons. The Government of Bhutan offers free visas to almost all countries to visit their country for tourism and leisure purposes. Bhutan is also known as The Land of Thunder Dragon. The spicy food, the amazing ancient temples, the gold-plated minarets, the colorful festivals and what not, Bhutan is surely a place for you to visit this season.

Although, there are more than a million reasons to visit Bhutan, but I have sorted them down to three. Below are the 3 best reasons to visit Bhutan and enjoy this country with maximum pleasure.

1 – Taktsang Goemba

This temple is not a normal temple. It is one of the most important and influential Buddhist monasteries. Situated on the cliff, the place is very difficult for new climbers to reach. However, with a bit of help from the local people, one can easily reach this place and have amazing snaps of this 3000m above sea level palace like monastery. Legends says that this place was the birthplace of the flaming Tigress and Guru Riponche used to fly on this cliff on the tiger. This temple is a must-see place and it would be a shame if you haven’t seen this place already when in Bhutan. Note: The place is also known as Tigers Nest Monastery. You will not find a difficulty finding this place as almost a million foreigners from many different countries visit this place each year.

2 – Tsechus

Tsechus is a religious Buddhist festival just like Eid festival for Muslims and Teej Festival for Hindus. This festival is the big daddy of all festival and show a handful of colors and is joined by monasteries around the world including China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. This festival happens once a year and it would be very important to mention that you must book your flights in way advance to visit this festival. If you are a true history enthusiast, then you must visit this festival this year to enjoy the true traditions, culture and historic values of the Bhutanese Buddhists.

3 – Dzong

As beautiful as its name, Dzong is made of typical Bhutanese architecture and decorated in multiple colors that catches the eye of every foreigner that visits this place. Dzong is more like a fortress and less like a house. This place also serves as the administrative and religious center including the room of the governor of the town. According to legends, many Lama’s have rested at this place for many years in their tenures. This fortress is a must visit place.