Real Estate for Skiing Vacations


Real Estate for Ski Buffs

Skiing is arguably one of the best activity and sports for winter lovers. If you love snow, you must ski once in life, to explore and take full pleasure of the satisfaction and amusement it offers.

Areas To Invest in Real Estate Properties With Skiing Opportunities

Below is the list of the most wonderful and top skiing places on Earth. Many of these places still have real estate for sale, but, it is not for the less well healed group. These are pricey places because they are top ski destinations. If you want to buy property here you have better have deep pockets. But, the real estate investment opportunity coupled with a great ski vacation destination will likely hold its value over the years. So investing in this type of property makes sense for people qualified to invest. These places are a one of a kind and you must spend some time skiing on each of them whenever you get the chance to full explore the beauty of winters, mountains and snow. Moreover, these resorts are well-known places to spend a honeymoon night and that is why couples are encouraged to pay a visit to these sites rather than lone travelers.

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The list starts with:

St Anton, Austria

This party resort is the best places to ski if you are a professional as the mountain is stiff and rigged with deep tracks and cover an area of around 55 kilometers. It is not recommended to visit this place if you are new to skiing as this resort may get a little difficult to enjoy for starters.

Chamonix, France

This resort in France offers a freeride wave and can be easily managed by starters. It also offers authentic French food and host major events all around the year. It has also hosted one of the earliest Winter Olympics, in 1920’s.

Les Trois Vallées, France

This top-quality resort is in the region of Tarentaise Valley and an entry point to the Vanoise National Park, which is famous for its wild adventure and photography. Many skiing enthusiasts come to do this resort for fun and spending the best time of their life.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Whistler Blackcomb is a major ski resort located in the Alps of Vancouver, Canada and is very large. You can enjoy and explore places with the help of the staff and the resort itself is a perfect place for honeymooners and newlywed.

Méribel, France

It seems like France has the most skiing resorts. This is true to much extent. Meribel in France is one of the place that a ski lover must never miss if they get a chance to visit France. It would be a shame if you have never visited this amazing ski resort if you have been to France. The added point of this resort is it’s chairlift which lets you see the most amazing scenes beyond borders.


3 Reasons to visit Bhutan


Bhutan is not an ordinary place. You may have not even heard of this small Asian country, but Bhutan is surely a must visit place for many reasons. The Government of Bhutan offers free visas to almost all countries to visit their country for tourism and leisure purposes. Bhutan is also known as The Land of Thunder Dragon. The spicy food, the amazing ancient temples, the gold-plated minarets, the colorful festivals and what not, Bhutan is surely a place for you to visit this season.

Although, there are more than a million reasons to visit Bhutan, but I have sorted them down to three. Below are the 3 best reasons to visit Bhutan and enjoy this country with maximum pleasure.

1 – Taktsang Goemba

This temple is not a normal temple. It is one of the most important and influential Buddhist monasteries. Situated on the cliff, the place is very difficult for new climbers to reach. However, with a bit of help from the local people, one can easily reach this place and have amazing snaps of this 3000m above sea level palace like monastery. Legends says that this place was the birthplace of the flaming Tigress and Guru Riponche used to fly on this cliff on the tiger. This temple is a must-see place and it would be a shame if you haven’t seen this place already when in Bhutan. Note: The place is also known as Tigers Nest Monastery. You will not find a difficulty finding this place as almost a million foreigners from many different countries visit this place each year.

2 – Tsechus

Tsechus is a religious Buddhist festival just like Eid festival for Muslims and Teej Festival for Hindus. This festival is the big daddy of all festival and show a handful of colors and is joined by monasteries around the world including China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. This festival happens once a year and it would be very important to mention that you must book your flights in way advance to visit this festival. If you are a true history enthusiast, then you must visit this festival this year to enjoy the true traditions, culture and historic values of the Bhutanese Buddhists.

3 – Dzong

As beautiful as its name, Dzong is made of typical Bhutanese architecture and decorated in multiple colors that catches the eye of every foreigner that visits this place. Dzong is more like a fortress and less like a house. This place also serves as the administrative and religious center including the room of the governor of the town. According to legends, many Lama’s have rested at this place for many years in their tenures. This fortress is a must visit place.

Royal Caribbean Oasis, the Best Caribbean Cruise


Royal Caribbean Oasis is the best Caribbean cruise and offers an amazing time for you to enjoy with your family and friends whether you are on board or on shore excursion. It has all the qualities a best Caribbean cruise must have, day and night many events go on everywhere on the cruise. Day activities include Scuba diving under the Sea Trek program, flow rider and indoor rock climbing. The cruise also offers family shows and trivia contests so that you never feel bad on the cruise. Another important feature of oasis is that it has many restaurants in it and you can enjoy international food from Chinese to Italian.

Oasis has everything in it as any best Caribbean cruise should have. It includes Central Park, Boardwalk and Royal Promenade.

Central Park

Central park is located on deck 8 and is surrounded by shrubs, trees flowers and tropical foliage. There are staterooms that surround the area with some rooms having balconies overlooking the charming garden and pathways. The neighborhood of central park includes several themed gardens and retail boutiques. So you get everything in Oasis that you wish to have on a best Caribbean cruise.


Perhaps you will find the most interesting place to be boardwalk for families. You and old would like it a lot as it has colorful carousel areas, several eateries, retail shops and many other carnival games that never let anyone to get bored. Aqua theatre provides the families a thrilling zip line ride, an outdoor venue containing a backdrop of the sea across the horizon. You get a whole market here, a psychic shop, a candy shop, some boutiques and general stores. The neighborhood also includes staterooms. It is also one of the best parts a best Caribbean cruise and you get it on Oasis.

The Royal Promenade

Directly below the central park is the Royal Promenade. The crystal canopies of royal promenade let the guests enjoy the natural light cascading from central park and the sky beyond. If the children enjoy boardwalk adults would surely like the rising tide of royal promenade so Oasis has spots for every age persons whether they are young, middle aged or the older ones. Oasis is a beautiful place and you can feel the beauty while coming down from central park to the Royal Promenade as you will see the glasses of cocktails. The area also has a giant copper globe that is highlighted and increases the beauty of the place. It also has a dance club and a bar.

Therefore, if you are planning to choose the best Caribbean cruise you must chose Royal Caribbean Oasis. It has everything within it to satisfy you and to make your holidays the best. You can easily get a ticket to this cruise in cheap prices if you get them in advance. You may check the tickets with a travel agent of search online for discounted prices. It has been noted that you can get cheap prices if you order tickets from a travel agent. A travel agent will also arrange a car rental for your way from your home to the cruise.

Moreover, if you want to join this cruise from between you can also do it. You can get to any nearby places mentioned in these places and get a ticket from within the cruise. Just visit this places and get an adventure of a lifetime.



El Salvador is one of the smallest countries in Central America amounting to a total area of twenty-one thousand square kilometers. Honduras and Guatemala are its neighboring countries. The population of El Salvador has now reached six million people, and a third of them dwell in the capital city, Sal Salvador. The most popular places to visit include art galleries, lakes, volcanoes, surfing beaches, Mayan ruins, San Salvador and superb restaurants.

Historic Sites

In a place called Tazumal, there are Mayan ruins which have been preserved since ancient times to depict the cultures of the ancestors. At these particular places, there are life-sized statues, stone pyramids as well as ancient artifacts.

National Anthropology Museum

The Museo Nacional de Antropologia is arguably the top and best museum in El Salvador and is equipped with incredible exhibits that have been spread across double floors within the building. The county’s history has been well covered especially the ancient Mayan empire which still has archives of its existence up to date. There is a garden within the museum to walk through and see some of the ancient arts, religious sculptures, and musical instruments. It is worth to note that many of the writings were written in Spanish and therefore it is appropriate to bring a translator who will help in interpreting the information.

Volcanoes National Park

As it is also termed as the Cerro Verde National Park, the Parque Nacional Los Volcanoes host three major volcanoes from the western side of San Salvador. Visitors come to these volcanoes to do some hiking within a day. Other tourists will make sure that they carry maps to enable them to identify routes for a forested walk and overnight camps.

Metropolitan Cathedral

It stands at the center of downtown in San Salvador at an area termed as ‘center’ and faces the civic square. It is in between two historical structures that is the impressive National theater to its left and the National Palace to its right. The cathedral’s surroundings are worth to visit especially the tomb of Oscar Romeo who was an assassinated bishop in the early 1980s.

Surf Spots

Recreational and professional surfers from all over the world come to the El Salvador beaches to enjoy themselves with the sea waves. De Cameron has great swimming pools and resorts that visitors can enjoy with their families during holidays. El Salvador’s beaches surf is considered to be the best during the rainy season. Other beaches that are mostly attended by the visitors include El Tunco, El Zunzal, and El Zonte.

Best Places to Visit in Morocco


Morocco, a handsome North African country whose edges touch the coasts of both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is an amalgamation of Afro-Asiatic ethnicity and a fair amount of Arabian and European influences. One of the largest metropole of Africa, distinguished by its ancient culture and architecture, many a blend of foreign induces.

  1. Casablanca

The coastal capital of western Morocco and the commercial hub. The city’s art and culture are the heritage of the French colonies. Mosques and landmarks built where Berber grace and ancient Moresque techniques are detected. The great Hassan II Mosque which ranks as the thirteenth largest mosque in the world, a stunning specimen of Arabian medina partially built on sea and the only mosque in the city that non-Muslims are permitted to visit.


  1. Marrakesh

Established at the base of the Atlas Mountains, the majestic city of Marrakesh is a hustling bustling center of prodigious historic ambiance and environment. The best Moroccan fares are available in the souks of Marrakesh thick with animated people, pottery, traditional apparel and charming ornaments. The traditional shisha of Marrakesh is universally notorious, a traditional Arabian version of vape. Every alley is filled with shisha café though, mostly it is served after dinner in majority of restaurants. Basically, the city is a more hippie adaptation of medina.


  1. Chefchaouen

The azure city situated in the North Western Morocco. When called the “azure city”, the city was literally named after the gorgeously built buildings in all shades of blue you have seen or ever heard of. Apart from the cerulean architecture, the city is a Kasbah of modern and antique handicrafts such as traditionally woven carpets and blankets that are unavailable in the rest of the country. It is also known as the “cannabis city”, due to the explicitly sold plant in bazars. You may as well be prepared to encounter some very pleased hippies on streets.


  1. Asilah

A popular resort urban, Asilah was quite the celebrated pirate trade Caribbean of the early 20th century. The city is situated 20km form Tangier on the hot coast of Mediterranean, a perfect choice for a warm spring and fall or a sizzling summer. It is a growing prospect of art with new contemporary variety as well as old Phoenician remains. Asilah has an assortment of decent budget hotels and resorts with traditional water related activities, a seaside paradise.


  1. Fes

Fes is an extremely ancient city that functions with the traditional clockwork values. It used to be the former capital of Morocco and is home to the most primeval university of the world, University Al-Karaouine. Energetic ports and bazaars where the only mode of transport seen are donkeys and handcarts, it is probably the current largest car free medina on the globe. Fes is a compilation of adobe abodes and patios decorated with mosaic tiles.

  1. Jebel Toubkal

Located on the high and mighty Atlas Mountains is the Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak of the Atlas Ranges and Arab World. At the mouth of the peak is the Toubkal National Park surrounded with Berber villages, a most epic sight. It is probably one of the few places in Morocco where snow is sighted which is why it is quite hard to acclimate to the sudden climatic change.

Toronto; Places to Pay a Visit Once in Life


Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery, which is right across from Ripley’s Aquarium. The aquarium is awesome too, but not a match to this place. You must have a pint at this place once in life, especially in the cold days of Canada. Steam Whistle Brewing produces a premium Pilsner lager and it has been voted one of the best microbreweries in Toronto.

Toronto Railway Museum

Just outside Steam Whistle Brewing you’ll find the Toronto Railway Museum. They have a display of trains on site, which is quite popular with families and kids.

Queen Street West

Another area worth checking out is Queen Street West. This used to be a popular spot with university students thanks to its cheap vintage markets, tiny bars, and indie cafes, however in recent years it has become more gentrified. You can still find traces of Queen Street’s artsy side, but in smaller doses.

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley is located right between Queen Street West and Richmond Street West, just west of Spadina Avenue. The area is covered in murals and cool graffiti, and it is full of photographers and Instagrammers looking for the perfect shot.

Distillery District

The Distillery District is one of the most distinct neighborhoods in Toronto. It is home to over forty heritage buildings which were once at the heart of the whisky export. The area has been revitalized and you’ll find lots of cafes, restaurants, galleries, and coffeehouses. This is also the setting for the Toronto Christmas Market in December.